Petite Cité de Caractère

Pont-Croix, the historic capital of the Cap-Sizun

The exceptional heritage of this little market town has earned it the title of ‘a small Breton town of character’ (Petite Cité de Caractère de Bretagne), yet its diminutive size is no hindrance to a rich cultural life. Visits, excursions, an authentic setting in which to relax… it reveals different facets every season.

Pont-Croix: a timeless experience

Known as far back as the Middle Ages, the town grew on a hillside, starting with an ancient feudal  mound strategically placed on a summit. Stroll through the criss-crossing cobbled streets, visit the Marquisat museum, climb the steep ‘rues Chères’ streets, explore the famous church of Notre-Dame de Roscudon (a masterpiece of Gothic Romanesque architecture), admire the buildings that date from 1400s to 1800s, and enjoy the echoes of this town’s artistic, agricultural and trading past: you really will feel that you’re stepping back in time.

Pont-Croix overlooking the Goyen estuary

Another must when you visit Pont-Croix is the River Goyen, which flows all the way to Audierne harbour. In days gone by, high tides could bring boats right up from the sea, making it a popular trade spot from the 1300s to the 1800s, but now it’s more peaceful, a great starting point for riverside walking circuits, a haven of unspoilt nature that’s ideal for bird-watching, and a real haven of tranquility.

Once you’ve had a good walk and worked up an appetite, choose a restaurant, café or crêperie in the market square, which is still the nerve centre of the town (and a perfect spot for people-watching!).