The Pointe du Raz

Grand site de France

At the furthest point of Brittany, this truly is Land’s End: the Pointe du Raz is an iconic site in the French landscape.

A star of Brittany’s natural heritage, the Pointe du Raz is a coastal point that is famous throughout the world for its rugged, breathtaking beauty. Here, the land drops dramatically into the crashing waves, with a series of jagged rocks reaching up against a seemingly endless horizon.

Wherever you look, you’re rewarded by an amazing panoramic view with a wild natural backdrop. In the foreground, La Vieille and Tévennec lighthouses stand strong despite the raging currents of the raz de Sein waters. Off to the west is the île de Sein, an island barely rising above the sea. Finally, way out in the open waters, the legendary Ar-Men lighthouse stands 35 metres tall.

Here, the ever-changing light and passing tides evoke intense sensations that change with every visit.

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