The Baie des Trépassés

The Baie des Trépassés, legendary...

If you’re looking for landscapes that make a lasting impression, this Bay will take your breath away

Translating as ‘The Bay of the Departed’, the name makes you think of legends, while the bay itself faces out to the unknown; it is indeed a legendary spot for swimmers, surfers and dreamers!

Located between the great coastal points of Raz and Van, the Baie des Trépassés (pronounced ‘Bay day Tray-pass-ay’) is a coastal Eden with fantastic views across the Atlantic, and a seascape in every shade of blue, green and turquoise. This is the furthest western point of the Cap-Sizun, a far-flung corner of the world where you can feel utterly serene.


Live : The Baie des Trépassés webcam

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