Gathering Shellfish

Gathering shellfish: a hobby for the whole family

The French call it ‘pêche à pied’ (fishing on foot), but we might know it as rock pooling or shellfish hunting - whatever you call it, this is a favourite holiday activity here! in the creeks along the north coast, when the tide drops to reveal rocky islands in Douarnenez Bay, you’ll find seaweed and shellfish served up to the fresh air: those in the know see this as a bountiful gift from the Cap-Sizun.

Creeks, bays, and rocky coastlines are all hot spots for this type of fishing. You simply need a net or a bucket, and even the little ones can join in, rummaging around on the beach, lifting rocks at low tide and peering into rock pools. The best times of year to try this are when tides are very high and very low, as that’s when you’ll get the best results. If you do decide to try ‘fishing on foot’, always be aware of the rising tide, please respect the regulations and if you need more info, just ask at the Tourist Office.

Safety advices

Please check the weather conditions

and the tide times

Check that there are no restrictions (for example, unexpected pollution making it unsafe)

Take suitable clothing for the weather

Always tell someone where you are going

take a watch and a mobile phone

Emergency number: 196

What can I catch?