River fishing

River fishing

When it comes to fishing, as well as sea fishing and surfcasting, the waters of the River Goyen are teeming with salmon and trout that can be caught all along this beautiful, first-rate river.

In the Cap-Sizun, the River Goyen is one of the best places for salmon. Fish in the Goyen can be categorised into a) migrating fish like salmon, trout, shad and eel; b) non-migrating fish such as rainbow trout, minnows, sculpin and loach; c) fish that swim upriver during high tide, like bass, mullet and plaice.

River Goyen Info Point

You can find information panels in the village of Mahalon, at the place called Poulhantic. These panels explain various themes from the water cycle to the organic quality of waterways, river fish to fishing techniques and more.

A small wooden chalet also acts as a fishing information point during the summer.

The fishing club Association de pêche du Goyen and its partners have created an information point at the riverside between Pont-Croix and Mahalon. This information point enables visitors to better understand how the river works, the use of damp zones and the importance of water quality for the flora and fauna and for people. There is also a presentation about the fish that live in the Goyen and practical information about the sport of fishing. Fishermen are also on hand to greet you from March to September to get you started in river fishing in the Goyen.


The fishing zone in this part of west Brittany is overseen by three local structures responsible for protecting the aquatic environment (the AAPPMA). They are in charge of promoting and developing fishing as a sport but also in charge of protecting, showcasing and managing the aquatic environment and fishing resources. These are the bodies who issue fishing permits that you must have in order to fish on this river. You can download a list of places where you can buy a fishing licence and also current fishing regulations.